Why Has Aluminum Fencing Overtaken Iron Fencing?

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Drive down the road in a rural area, and you will see a lot of fencing. Much of that fencing will be made from black metal, which you might initially assume is wrought iron. Years ago, you would have been correct. Iron fencing was really popular then since it was durable, readily available, and stately. But today, much of that black fencing you see is actually made from aluminum! So, why has aluminum overtaken iron as the fencing metal of choice? Take a look.

Aluminum is much, much lighter.

You've probably picked up a cast iron pan. That pan was probably pretty heavy, right? Now imagine a whole fencing panel made from that heavy material! Iron fencing, as durable as it is, also weighs a literal ton. Aluminum, by comparison, is a whole lot lighter. This means it is a lot easier to transport, and it's easier for installers to lift it out of the truck. You won't need as many people to lift aluminum fencing as you would iron fencing, so you can save on labor.

Aluminum does not rust.

Back in the day, fencing was largely functional. It was a way to keep animals in and keep intruders out. As such, people did not mind so much if their fencing rusted a little. Appearances were simply not what was important. That has changed as of late, as fencing has become more ornamental. Iron fencing does rust, so it does not always look the nicest after a few years. Aluminum fencing, on the other hand, does not rust, so it looks just as nice after 10 years as it does when new. 

Aluminum fencing is cheaper.

Iron fencing costs a lot to manufacture. Iron is not as readily available as aluminum, and the process of molding it is a bit cumbersome. Aluminum is more widely available, and there is a lot of recycled aluminum that can be used. Plus, the process of pressing aluminum into fencing is less demanding, which lowers the cost. Unless you have an enormous budget, if you need to fence in a larger area, aluminum is much more affordable than iron — and this has greatly impacted its availability.

Iron fencing is still around, but it's not what it once was. If you want metal fencing these days, ornamental aluminum fencing is the way to go. It's cheaper, easier to handle, and it won't develop rust on its surface.

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30 April 2020

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