The Custom Home Craftsman Style Design Guide To Create Your Dream Home In Historic Neighborhoods

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If you have found a property to build on in a historic neighborhood, the architecture may be from the 20th century. Some of these homes are craftsman-style architecture that has custom details and artisan features. The following custom home design guide will help you with the features you want for a craftsman-style in a historic neighborhood:

The Curb Appearance With A Front Porch And Visible Custom Design Details

The appearance of the front of a custom craftsman-style home is really important. This should include architectural details like a covered front porch, a visible design detail. These features can include roof design with details such as dormer windows, gable ends, and other features that enhance the curbside appearance and give your home a more visible craftsman-style.

Different Options For Tapered Columns And Woodwork Details Around The Porch

The front porches of craftsman-style homes often have tapered columns, which can be somewhat plain or can have more details. These columns can be all wood, or you may want to have them built with custom tapered stone pedestals at the base to give them more unique custom design features. The woodwork details with trim and moldings can also help enhance the appearance of the tapered columns.

Custom Stonework, Siding, And Woodwork Details That Make Craftsman Homes Stand Out

One of the features that can be included in your craftsman-style home design includes the siding and woodwork. Sometimes, these finishes add the details that make architecture a craftsman-style home. The siding and woodwork features that work well with craftsman homes include:

  • Board-and-batten
  • Cedar shakes
  • Panels with trim molding
  • Custom woodwork integrated into the design

These are some of the different options for more details in craftsman-style homes. Conventional lap siding with additional architectural details can also work well for the exterior finishes.

Custom Woodwork And Details Inside And Outside Of Your Home

Lastly, it is the custom woodwork details that will make your home a craftsman style home. These details can be features like exposed brackets and trusses or moldings. The craftsman exterior can continue to the interior of your home with features like moldings and the tapered columns for open living space or built-in cabinetry for the entertainment center and other custom woodwork.

These are some of the design features that you will want to give your custom home to build a craftsman-style house in a historic neighborhood. If you are ready to start planning the design of your craftsman-style home, contact a custom home builder to begin the design and planning stage of the project.


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