Social Distancing? Here's How To Make Your Patio More Comfortable

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In 2020, the world is facing an unprecedented pandemic that has forced millions to practice social distancing and keep non-essential trips to a minimum. With the summer fast approaching and the country steadily opening back up, many are choosing to remain at home. Get the most out of your home and transform your outdoor space into something comfortable and inviting with these essential tips. 

Choose Comfortable Seating

Whether for work or play, your patio should be an extension of your lifestyle. Throw out those plastic lawn chairs you got in college and upgrade to something you can be proud of. Go for furniture that is functional, durable, and stylish.

Functional seating is seating that is suited to the space. If your patio has pavers, gaps or cracks of any kind, you'll want to steer clear of the metal chairs with skinny legs. Functionality and durability go hand in hand. Stick to your budget, but beware of the cheap seats that are so lightweight you risk constantly knocking them over or breaking them after only a few uses. This goes for cushions as well. You want to get durable fabrics or covers that are easily laundered and weather resistant. Test the seating like you would indoor furniture and consider whether you and your family could really spend hours in those chairs.

Incorporate Functional Surfaces and Decor

Make your patio cozier by sprucing up the decor. Incorporate potted plants or a potted garden of various sizes to add color and visual interest. An outdoor rug is another great way to tie your decor together. Outdoor lighting and a fire pit can transform your patio from a concrete slab to a romantic summer garden. Plus, the fire pit is great for family bonding and heating as the weather cools down again. 

Don't forget to bring in tables that fit your space. The right table can change your patio from somewhere you simply hangout to an outdoor work retreat. Having proper surfaces gives you a place to place your drink, have dinner with your family, and makes your backyard look more like an outdoor living/dining area. 

Protect from Harmful Sun Rays

We love the sun, but sometimes, the sun doesn't love us. Too much light on your patio can be an unbearable deal-breaker for outdoor time. Cut down on harmful UV rays with patio covers. Patio covers are made from a variety of materials including wood, aluminum, weather-resistant cloth, or acrylic. The material you choose should be determined by your budget and personal tastes. The styles vary from lattice to pergolas to solid structures. 

Not all patio covers are created equal. Some, like lattices, only partially block the sun. Others that block the sun may not be the best choice for areas that receive heavy rainfall or snow. Custom patio covers are the only option for those with discerning tastes and specific needs for their outdoor space. 

Staying home doesn't have to feel like a prison sentence, especially when you have a patio. Utilize that space and bring the inside out with the right furniture, decorations, and sun protection for your needs. 


24 June 2020

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