3 Roofing Materials That Work Well For Sheds

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When you're having a shed re-roofed, you probably don't want to spend top-dollar on the nicest tiles or shingles that you might buy for your home. After all, a shed doesn't need to be incredibly insulated, and its roof won't have heat escaping through it in the winter, contributing to the damage. So what roofing materials do end up working well for sheds? Here are three viable options.

Standard 3-Tab Shingles

Standard 3-tab shingles are the traditional shingles that you saw on almost every home until a decade or two ago. These are not used too often on homes anymore because architectural shingles are a lot more durable. However, 3-tab shingles are very affordable and are sold by a wide range of shingle companies, so you have a good chance of finding some sort of rebate or deal that lowers the cost even further. They are also easy for a roofer to apply, which may save you on installation costs. Most people don't find 3-tab shingles all that attractive, but if your shed is in the backyard, this may not bother you. They won't last 50 years, but they're certainly durable enough for a shed since there won't be heat passing through them.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes are another older, more traditional roof choice. If you're trying to maintain a natural look in your yard, they are the perfect choice for a shed roof since they're made from 100% wood. Cedar shakes are quite affordable, although they are a little more pricey than 3-tab shingles. They can be burned or composted when you do have to remove them from the shed. Cedar contains natural oils that are unappealing to insects like termites and carpenter ants, so cedar shakes can work as a sort of natural repellent in and around your shed.

Metal Sheets

If you want a shed roof that will last for many years, then it might be worthwhile to pay a bit more for a metal roof. You can use cheaper metal without a lot of insulation behind it, since you won't care if the rain is noisy inside your shed. Metal roofs are easy to install, and they stand up well to water exposure, making them a good choice if your shed is beneath a tree or other structure that drips water on its roof. Metal has a more modern appeal than the other roofing materials on this list, too.

Which roofing material is right for your shed? The three options above are all good choices. Talk to a roofing contractor to learn more.


7 October 2020

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