Addressing The Damage That Your Home's Foundation Has Suffered

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Damage to the foundation of a building can result in major problems for the rest of the structure. Unfortunately, foundation repairs can be one of the types of work that a homeowner may have no experience overseeing, which can put them at a sizable disadvantage when they are making decisions about repairing their foundation.  

Know The Potential Causes Of Foundation Problems Developing

When a building is suffering from foundation issues, it will be necessary to ascertain the source of the damage before effective repairs can be made. You will need to address the underlying cause of the foundation damage so that it will not return in the future. For example, it can be possible for rainwater to actually erode the soil from under the foundation, and this can lead to it cracking or shifting soil in a way that could cause damage. Additionally, it can be possible for the foundation to actually sink into the soil, which can be an issue for homes in areas with clay or other soft soil types.

Ensure You Obtain The Correct Permits For The Foundation Repair Process

Most communities will require permits for major work on a building that could potentially lead to structural changes or repairs. Not surprisingly, foundation work will almost always be included in these permitting requirements. Failing to obtain the right permits for your home's foundation repairs can lead to the project being halted. Furthermore, the owner of the property may face expensive fines. Whenever you are needing to have foundation work done to your home, consult with the local ordinances to gain a better idea as to the particular permits you will need to obtain and the process that is involved with these permits, such as inspections once the repairs are done.

Review The Building's Warranty Or Your Insurance Coverage

Repairing the foundation of a home can be a costly repair to have done. However, it can be an unavoidable expense, since you risk losing the entire building as a result of the foundation damage worsening. Luckily, you may not have to shoulder the costs of these repairs on your own. If you purchased it from a home building service, it may be protected by a warranty. Additionally, some homeowner's insurance policies will cover the costs of repair to the structure's foundation. However, you will have to review both of these documents to determine whether you will have protection against the costs of foundation repairs.

For more information about foundation repair, contact a local contractor.


18 November 2020

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