5 Septic Problems That Can Be Found During a Routing Pumping

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There are certain issues with your septic system that may only be discovered if you keep up with regular pumpings and maintenance visits. Missing these issues can lead to a major sewage overflow in your yard or home.  This is why it is important to have a maintenance plan in place with your septic pumping service.

1. Access Damage

The access port to the septic tank can become damaged over time. The lid can crack, the seal can fail, or the port itself may suffer damage below the lid. When this happens, moisture can get into the tank and cause it to fill more rapidly. Further, sewer gases will be able to escape and cause bad odors in the area. Your septic service will inspect the access point and repair it if necessary.

2. Filter Issues

Most modern septic systems have a filter that is designed to stop certain types of debris from entering the drain field. If this filter becomes clogged, the tank can overflow and sewage may backup into your home. The filter typically requires annual cleaning so backups don't occur. Your pumping service can clean the filter even if you don't need the tank pumped that year, otherwise, filter cleaning is typically included with the pumping fee.

3. Crushed Line

Your septic tank has two lines. The inlet line connects the tank to your home's sewer line, while the outlet line connects the tank to the drain field. If the valve attachment or the pipe at the point of attachment becomes crushed or otherwise damaged, then the tank will behave as though it needs to be pumped. Your septic service will be able to locate the crushed or damaged line so that it can be repaired.

4. Baffle Erosion

The concrete baffle is what the lines pass through from your septic tank. The main goal of the baffle is to ensure effluent doesn't leach prematurely into the drain field and overwhelm it. Over time, the concrete can erode and begin to crumble. Baffle inspections should be a normal part of routine pumping. This way any issues with the baffles can be caught and repaired before drain field damage occurs.

5. Vent Blockage

Your septic tank vents into the drain field via the outlet pipe and through a yard vent connected directly to the tank. If the yard vent becomes blocked, septic gasses can make their way into your home. Your septic service can locate and clear your yard vent during a routine pumping, if necessary.

Contact a septic pumping service in your area to learn more.


11 January 2021

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