A Look At The General Job Duties Of A Construction Site Safety Manager

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When a construction company lands a project with a high-level entity like the local government, several requirements typically have to be met in order for the work to begin. One of the important things many government-funded construction projects will require of a construction company is that they have an on-site construction site safety manager.

While everyday attention to general safety in construction is ever-important, a safety manager for the construction site offers even more in-depth attention to keeping the full operation as safe as possible. Take a look at some of the general job duties of a construction site safety manager

The safety manager assesses the general working conditions on any given site. 

Every construction site can come along with its own unique set of safety risks. For example, a site that is near a busy highway may need more attention to implementing safety barriers and barricades to protect the workers from nearby traffic. Before a project begins, the construction site safety manager does a thorough assessment of the natural risks that could be problematic for employees once the work begins. Using this assessment, the safety manager can work with the team to implement the most suitable safety strategies before the work even begins. 

The safety manager evaluates the performance of employees to ensure safe practices. 

Once work starts at the construction site, the construction site safety manager is tasked with everyday evaluations of employees to ensure they are properly following safety protocols while performing their work. For example, if a crew member is in the process of using a jackhammer to eradicate concrete, the safety manager may briefly monitor that individual to make sure they are wearing the proper safety gear, handling the equipment properly, and making sure other crew members are kept at a distance. 

The safety manager creates solutions to mitigate risks on the operational job site. 

Periodically, the construction site safety manager will do a thorough evaluation of the job site while the work is being performed to point out certain safety risks. While a project is ongoing, the worksite changes due to structures being erected, new equipment being brought in, and the environment changing. Therefore, the current safety risks do have to be addressed at any given time throughout the project. The safety manager will work to mitigate all new risks as they become apparent by performing risk assessments and then working with the construction manager to make necessary changes. 


19 March 2021

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