Transmission Tower Painting To Keep Up With Old Utility Infrastructure

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The maintenance of utility systems is important, but sometimes old infrastructure ages and needs repairs done. Installations like communications towers need to be painted occasionally. The following tower painting information will help you make the right decisions when it comes to maintaining equipment:

Repairing Damage Tower Components

First, repairs need to be done to any damaged tower components. Over years of use, there might be issues with damaged tower components that need repairs.

Sometimes, there might also be components that need to be upgraded or replaced during the tower painting project. You might want to replace these parts while doing other repairs. If the parts are antennas or transmitters, the brackets can be installed to ensure they match the rest of the tower paint for a uniform coating that protects all the hardware on the tower.

Removing Old Layers of Coatings

Sometimes, old towers might have been painted over several times. This can leave equipment vulnerable to future damage and cause issues with paint peeling off. The removal of the old paint can be the most time-consuming step in a tower restoration project.

Other preparations need to be done when the paint is being removed from the tower. There might be some old paint coatings that can't be completely removed. These areas need to be addressed by removing as many layers of paint as possible. In addition, there might be issues with corrosion and rust that need to be neutralized before the new coating is applied. This will prevent the degrading of the metal due to rust spreading. After these issues have been addressed, the tower can be painted.

Applying the New Tower Paint

Once the old paint has been removed, and the prep work is finished, a new coat of paint can be applied to the tower. The process of painting communications towers and utility installations is different than the type of painting that is done for the walls in a building like your home.

These are specially formulated coatings that have different characteristics depending on their application. For example, communications towers need to be coated with a finish that is anti-static, while a paint for a water tower needs to be non-toxic and anti-microbial to prevent the growth of bacteria and other organisms.

Painting is part of the routine maintenance that needs to be done to tower installations. Contact a transmission tower painting service to get the help you need with this maintenance for your infrastructure.


22 October 2021

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