Home Additions: Why They Are Ideal In Increasing Living Space

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Buying smaller homes often seems ideal, especially since they are affordable, easy to maintain, and don't force transitioning homeowners into crippling debt. But, with time, you may find such a property inadequate, more so when more residents come into play. And that is often associated with the daunting task of finding and purchasing a bigger home. But that doesn't have to be the case. Nowadays, you can solve this problem by hiring home addition contractors to build onto the existing structure. Keep reading to learn more about this option and its benefits.

Fundamentals of Home Additions

Home additions refer to adding living space onto an existing building. Homeowners often do that when they need additional room and don't want to move. Today's most common home addition options include bump-outs, sunroofs, and garage conversions. Experts consider bump-outs minor home addition projects because although they increase a structure's total square footage, bump-outs aren't as extensive as full additions involving multiple rooms. Finally, home addition professionals can help you turn an attached sizable garage into a suitable living space through garage conversion.

Benefits of Home Additions

Increasing your home's square footage through home additions comes with the following benefits:

1.       No moving hustles

Moving to a new place comes with its share of challenges. First, your new house may not be ready when you get there, forcing you to live in an unfinished structure or finding temporary accommodation elsewhere. Moreover, sometimes, movers lose or damage your items, causing immense losses. Not to forget, most property owners today are affected by moving scams, more so when they're in a hurry and fail to vet movers thoroughly. But, you can avoid all these hassles by adding living space to your original home rather than purchasing or building another in a new location, which forces you to switch places.

2.       Stay in a familiar neighborhood

Suppose you live in an area with awesome neighbors, good schools, health facilities, roads, and other essential amenities. In that case, you likely prefer staying there for as long as possible. Home additions help you do that by improving the house you live in and transforming it into a structure that efficiently serves all household members. That saves you from relocating to a new neighborhood with neighbors you don't know and possibly getting insufficient or subpar social amenities and other vital facilities.

3.       Increased property value

According to experts, home additions significantly impact your home's value. For instance, adding an extra bathroom has the potential of netting you a whopping 65% ROI (return on investment). Therefore, in a nutshell, if you plan on selling your property, a new home design project can help you recoup a significant chunk of the initial investment as well as a tidy profit if all other aspects are in mint condition.


14 February 2022

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