The Installation Of A Quartz Countertop

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Your new quartz countertop will require the measurements for your sink and a decision about the shape of the counter and the backsplash materials that will be secured behind the counter.

The Measurements

Before quartz countertop installation is performed, you will need to secure a quartz slab that is adequately-sized and that contains the cutouts and shape that you prefer. If you decide to purchase a plain countertop, you can purchase a stock slab that is the length, width, shape, and thickness that you have selected.

If the countertop is gong to serve as a surface that will surround your kitchen sink, you will need to know the exact height, width, and length of the basin. The removal of the existing countertop can help you get an accurate measurement of the sink.

These measurements should be given to your contractor. The contractor will go over sink and fixture placement options with you. The sink can be centered in the middle of the quartz or can be lined up further along the back or the front of the slab. A contractor will mark the quartz. They may use diamond cutting tools to create cutouts in the quartz.

The Shape And The Backsplash

Quartz counters can have straight, rounded, or angled edges. Your contractor will assess your kitchen space and provide some shape options that will be complementary to your kitchen's design. The backsplash that will go behind the quartz counter may be constructed of tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, clay, stone, or glass tiles can match the elements of the counter.

Inspect the natural markings in your new counter, to help you choose one or more tile types that will look good against the quartz. A quartz product may contain small flecks. These flecks may sparkle. Small mirrored materials are added to quartz during the fabrication of counters. These mirrored pieces are what give quartz that sparkly, flecked design.

Your contractor will ensure that the plumbing in your kitchen is ready for use, prior to installing the new quartz counter. They may also ensure that the cabinetry and flooring are installed and ready for use. The tops of the cabinets may be taped. The addition of tape will prevent a silicone adhesive from dripping onto the cabinetry.

Your contractor may direct one of their employees to help them move the counter to the cabinetry section that will support the material. After applying a silicone adhesive product to the top of the cabinetry section, the slab will be set down on top of the adhesive-covered surface. Contact a company like Fagu Construction for more information.


18 March 2022

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