Three Ways To Make Your Home Addition Affordable

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Hiring a contractor to build an addition to your home can be an exciting time for your entire family. Your family will enjoy talking about the many different ways to use this new space, whether it will include a reading nook, a workstation for work and school projects, or a space for relaxing. You'll want to discuss some ideas with your contractor and have them begin to put some price quotes together. Unless you have an unlimited budget for this project, you'll probably want to make it as affordable as possible. There are many ways that you can do so, including the ideas below.

Minimal Interior Walls

You'll need to think about whether you want interior walls in your home addition. The size of the addition will partially dictate whether walls will be appropriate, but it's useful to know that an addition that has no interior walls or relatively few interior walls will be more affordable than an addition that has many interior walls. These walls require not only raw materials but also a significant amount of labor to build. These two things will increase the price of the project. Keep in mind that having few or no interior walls will not only make the addition more affordable but will also help the space feel roomy.

Simple Shape

How you intend to use the space inside of the home addition will influence what shape you want the addition to be. If you're able to have a simple shape such as a square or rectangle, however, you'll likely receive a lower price quote than if you want an elaborate shape such as a "T" or "L." While any contractor can build an elaborate shape for you, these projects will generally take more time — thus increasing the labor cost of the work.

Low-Cost Siding

It's also important to consider what exterior siding material you want for your home addition. Certain materials can be pricey, especially if you're moving forward with an addition that is on the larger side. For example, stone and brick will typically increase the total cost of this building project more than a material such as vinyl siding. Many types of vinyl siding are extremely affordable, and provided that you can find an option that is a good match with the existing siding of your home, you'll be able to save money. Contact a local contractor who specializes in residential additions to begin discussing your project.


6 June 2022

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