Vinyl Siding Facts Homeowners Should Know

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If you've decided that it's time to replace the siding on your home, you might be thinking about vinyl siding instead of other options. Vinyl siding is a popular choice, and it's one that many homeowners end up very happy with. However, it's also widely misconstrued, and you should understand the truth about this siding material before you make your choice. Here are a couple of key facts that are important to know.

Vinyl Siding Isn't Fragile

One of the biggest misconceptions out there about vinyl siding is that it's fragile and not nearly as durable as many other siding choices. After all, when you pick up vinyl siding, it can seem like it's a little bit thin or pretty flimsy. 

The truth is that, while vinyl is lightweight because of the type of compound it's made from, it's designed to be durable and flexible, which helps to keep it from cracking or suffering other types of damage. That makes it an ideal option when you're looking to invest in something that will hold up for many years to come.

Vinyl Siding Is An Affordable Solution

Many homeowners hesitate to consider vinyl siding because they believe it to be far too expensive for their budget. While there may have been a time when vinyl was more expensive, and there are certainly some styles of vinyl siding that might be on the costlier end of the scale, vinyl siding has affordable options as well. In fact, with a range of prices, you're sure to find a vinyl siding solution that fits your budget.

Vinyl Siding Is A Good Environmental Choice

Sometimes, people assume that vinyl siding is bad for the environment because it's a type of plastic compound. The truth is that vinyl siding is actually more environmentally-friendly than many other siding options for your home.

The way that vinyl siding is manufactured uses far fewer chemical components, produces fewer byproducts, and creates a product that lasts much longer than many alternatives. In addition, vinyl siding insulates easily, so you can reduce climate control costs and the excess fossil fuel consumption that is necessary to maintain the temperature in poorly insulated or drafty spaces.

These are a few of the things that every homeowner should know about vinyl siding if they're considering it for their home. Don't dismiss vinyl siding based on misconceptions or falsehoods. Instead, consider the facts and talk with your siding contractor about the right choice for you.

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1 July 2022

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