Reasons to Consider Adding Roof Trusses to Your Next Home, Building, or Structure

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A roof truss is a structure that helps redistribute the weight of the roof from the interior walls of the structure to the outer walls or can be used to redistribute away from one specific area into another area. Many roofs may already include some trusses as part of basic construction, but there could be situations where the home or building owner may want to add additional trusses to the structure. Here's why you might want to reach out to a local roofing service about truss roofs or building trusses today.

Support Additional Weight on Top of the Roof

Are you looking to use your company's roof for additional storage or do you need to install an HVAC system up there? Perhaps you have a complex TV satellite system or a solar panel installation that you want to add to the top of your residential roof. If you will be adding more weight on top of your roof, make sure your roof is prepared to handle it. Additional or new roof trusses can redistribute existing weight so that the additional weight you add does not cause an issue in any one place.

Better Weight Distribution Can Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

New roof trusses will more properly and evenly distribute weight on your structure between the outer and interior walls. This can help you with a new installation, but it also helps to generally have more even weight distribution across the board. A roof with better weight distribution may end up having a longer overall lifespan. Too much weight or stress in any one spot could develop into an issue like a leak over time that will need maintenance or repair. Roof trusses make roof repair headaches less likely to happen.

Set Up Your Roof to Handle a New Feature for Your House or Building

Maybe you already have roof trusses for your current design but you want to make a dramatic change during an upcoming renovation or remodel. Maybe you want to add a heavy chandelier or ceiling fan, for example. If you will be adding additional weight or redistributing weight in a way that will affect the roof, add a truss or two to help manage the situation.

Trusses Can Also Help You Change the Visual Look of Your Structure

Roof trusses clearly are about function over flair, but you can use trusses to change the visual look of your structure as well and even make it a feature. You could hang that chandelier directly from a roof truss, for example.

Contact a local roofing company such as Campbell Truss Company Inc to discuss your need for building roof trusses today.


1 August 2022

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