Bedrooms In Your Next Home — Why More Isn't Always Better

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Do you want to buy a home with a lot of bedrooms? Many home buyers today prefer higher numbers of bedrooms, both for the boost in home value and in flexibility. But should you buck the trend and opt for a house with a lower amount of bedrooms? It may be a good idea. Here are five tips to find the right number of sleeping spaces. 

1. Make Sure It's a Bedroom

It may sound odd but start by ensuring that all bedrooms can be defined as bedrooms. States and communities have rules about what constitutes a bedroom — including minimum dimensions, emergency exits, and even closets. If you want the added value of a bedroom, make sure you can sell it as one later on. 

2. Skip Small or Odd Bedrooms

In an effort to add more bedrooms to meet demand, a home designer may squeeze in unusual shapes or sizes. However, an oddly shaped or very small bedroom could have the opposite effect on future buyers — and even yourself — by drawing attention to the fact that it's been squeezed in. You may be better of with fewer, but more comfortable, rooms. 

3. Honestly Assess Your Need

Just because a lot of home buyers want more bedrooms doesn't necessarily mean it's the right move for you. Take a moment to honestly evaluate why you want more rooms and what you need them for. Remember that if you use a space for one purpose, you give up the use of it for other purposes. So rather than pay for a home office and a guest room, for instance, consider a layout that serves double duty. 

4. Consider the Local Market 

Each home should serve the needs of its owners first and foremost. But keep in mind the local real estate market in which you may sell it later on. Do most homes have the same or fewer bedrooms than yours? Then you may be able to get a good price. However, if your buyer pool wants more than what you can offer, you may not recoup your investment later. 

5. Prioritize Flexibility

Rather than being focused on the number of current bedrooms, think about how flexible the house is. Are bedrooms of the right size and placement to serve other future purposes? Is there a flex room that could be customized? If you change the layout later, what will it do to adjacent spaces? When you make flexibility a priority, your home will always have the right number of rooms. 

Where to Start

Start applying these tips to your home search by touring homes for sale in your area. As you learn more about your options and choices, you'll make the best decision and find a home you'll love for many years to come. 


7 November 2022

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