Commercial Spray Foam Roofing Is A Good Choice Since It Has No Seams

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Spray foam roofing is a good choice for your commercial building with a flat roof. Flat roofs need protective roofing materials because water doesn't roll off as quickly as it does with sloped roofs. Foam is a good choice since it makes your roof watertight. Here are some details about commercial spray foam roofing you should know.

The Roofing System Has Three Parts

A spray foam roof has three basic parts. One is the base. This might be the old roof or cover boards. However, the base has to be clean and prepped so the foam adheres well. The next part is the foam that's sprayed over the roof, and the third part is a coating that's sprayed over the foam.

The Coating May Need To Be Replaced

The coating is needed to protect the foam from UV rays. However, the coating might not last as long as the foam. When your contractor inspects your foam roof, they'll note the condition of the coating. If it starts to wear away, they'll recommend putting on a new coating so your roof is protected and will last longer.

The Spray Foam Acts As Insulation

Spray foam is an excellent insulation material. Putting it on your roof helps protect your building from solar heating. Plus, the coating on the foam reflects the sun's rays. The result should be a cooler building in the summer. That could help you have a lower utility bill, which is helpful if you have a big building that gets hot due to solar warming.

Spray Foam Has No Seams

One of the best things about spray foam roofing is that it has no seams. It doesn't even have seams around the flashing since the foam creates flashing too. Seams are usually the weakest part of the roof when it comes to leak potential. Eliminating seams gives your roof extra protection. Plus, foam can be added to any thickness, so it's easy to create a slope that helps rain drain. This eliminates problems with standing water that can lead to roof leaks.

Foam Is Easy Roofing To Install

Commercial spray foam roofing is easy to install, and that helps keep costs as low as possible. The foam is sprayed on where it spreads out and expands before getting hard. The work goes fast, but it's best to put on spray foam in the right weather conditions. A dry day with no wind is a good choice. However, if the wind picks up, the contractor can set up screens to block it so the foam won't blow around as it's being applied.


28 February 2023

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