Key Features To Include In Your Storage Shed

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A storage shed is typically a pretty simple structure. It can just consist of four walls and a roof. However, if you are paying to have a shed custom-built in your yard, you might as well make the most of that opportunity. Here are some features you may want to ask your builder to include in your shed. 

A Floor

Some sheds do have dirt floors, but having your shed built with an actual floor will pay off later. The items you store will stay cleaner, and you won't have to worry about water coming into the shed and getting the ground wet. Usually, a shed floor starts with some joists placed directly on the ground, and then the builders use plywood, placed over the joists, to form the actual floor. This is not hard for the builders to do, so most of the added cost is the cost of the materials to make the floor.

Built-In Shelving

You might plan on using your shed to store large items like lawnmowers and patio furniture. But you'll almost certainly come up with some small items you want to store in there too. If you have the shed built with some built-in shelving, then you will have a spot to store all of those smaller items. Even two or three long shelves placed on one wall will add lots of storage capabilities to your shed.

Roof Vents

Make sure your shed has some vents on the roof. A few soffit vents under the eaves of the roof will do the trick. These vents let hot air escape from your shed. They'll help keep the humidity levels and temperature inside the shed in a "healthier" range. This will help prevent items inside the shed from getting moldy and breaking down prematurely.

An Extra Wide Door

However wide you were thinking of making your shed door, ask your builder if it can be made wider. The wider the door, the better. Wide doors make it easier to fit larger items inside your shed. You do not want what you store in the shed to be limited by the size of your doorway.

If you have a storage shed built, talk to your builder about the features and options above. Each of these features will make your storage shed more usable, more versatile, and better suited to the task of storing your things. 

Contact a local shed builder to learn more. 


12 May 2023

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