How To Tell If Repairing A Commercial Structure Is An Option?

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Owning a commercial building means that you'll eventually have to decide if and how to repair it. Commercial structure repair work is rarely simple. You need to know how to assess the extent of the building's defects so that you can put a team of contractors to work.


The age of the building provides at least a small clue. Generally, you can assume a newer structure won't have major issues unless there's clear evidence to the contrary. For example, a new building shouldn't have commercial structure foundation repair needs. You still need to have a professional inspect the structure even if it's newer to be sure, though.

Long-Term Goals

Some of your structural choices will have less to do with the building's condition and more to do with you're long-term goals. If you want to convert a single-floor office building into a vehicle dealership, for example, then the structure needs to hold up to vehicles coming in and out. That creates different long-term requirements for supporting heavy weights than if you kept it for offices. If your long-term purpose for the building is heavier-duty, then you should consider more robust repairs.

Building Codes

Even if the building is currently up to code, that may only be because of how local rules grandfather buildings in. Once you begin structural modifications or repairs, there's a good chance that local regulations will require you to bring the structure up to modern codes. Check with your local code enforcement office to learn what the rules are for modernizing a structure and bringing it into compliance.


The extent of the damage involved will be a factor, too. In some cases, commercial structure repair will be unfeasible or impossible. A repair contractor will give you a straight answer when they check the building out because they won't take on unnecessary liability. Make sure you have a professional perform a thorough inspection so that you can be sure the damage is repairable.


You should also loop your insurance provider into the discussion. They may have some requirements for the insurability of the structure. In many cases, you can improve your insurance premiums by meeting specific benchmarks during the project. Ask your insurance agent to investigate how you might benefit from starting a commercial structure repair effort.


Finally, you'll need to assess whether the right materials are available at a reasonable cost. Fortunately, contractors often can identify sufficient or even better substitutes. Especially if you need to maintain the historical appearance of the building, sourcing the materials will be a major factor.

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11 April 2023

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